The Results

I'm still recovering from my trip and Nicole is picking up the slack today so far, but I wanted to throw my two cents in if I may. There's a l

A Case For Divided Government

The Cato Institute--not exactly your hotbed of liberalism--has been publishing several articles over the last couple of years advocating what they ter

I Am An Automaton

It's really ridiculous to think that Markos has programmed me to spit out his commands while I wait for the Kos 2.0 update to be uploaded into my brai

Vernon Robinson's New Ad

This guy is just unbelievable. I posted about his insane Twilight Zone ad here-that caused him to pull it from his site. The Carpetbagger Report sent

Here's The Book Numbers

It is a stupid pissing contest. One that wasn't started by Markos or Reynolds, but the numbers don't lie. Meanwhile, Glenn updates his post with more


It's amazing how quickly Drudge's nonsense gets passed around as fact by certain right wing bloggers. Why would Roger Simon, who should know a little

"Crashing The Gate" Review

I'm no book reviewer, but "Crashing the Gate," is a must read that incorporates Jerome and Markos' ideas of making Democrats winners at the polls agai