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#J21: Occupy The Corporations

On Saturday, January 21, activists across the country working with Public Citizen will “Occupy the Corporations” in a series of demonstrations planned throughout the country, designed to expose the fraud that is corporate personhood.

Bernie Sanders: Saving American Democracy

Sen. Bernie Sanders on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer talking about his proposed constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court decision in a case called Citizens United vs. FEC. Blitzer asked Sanders about the time he

October 5, 1999 - Trains, Mergers And Commemorative Tiles.

News of the day for October 5, 1999 - Train accident outside London kills 8 (rises to 26). MCI Acquires Sprint in largest telecommunications merger in history. Supreme Court to weigh in on Campaign reform. Pres. Clinton vows to ratify Nuclear Test Ban treaty. New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson urges legalization of drugs. College Tuition up 3% - 58% of all financial aid is in form of Student Loans. Nuclear Power Plant leak in South Korea. Appeals from parents to Attorney General to include Christian symbols on commemorative tiles for Columbine massacre.

They're Not Embarrassed

The Democrats need to use this footage for some campaign ads this year. Rachel Maddow lays out how the Republicans have continually flip-flopped on th