Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: The real question is, would John McCain be good for women? Feministing: Weekly feminist reader Greatscat! Priorities, priorities..

Mike's Blog Roundup

Slate: Why did we get it wrong? Five years on, "liberal hawks" consider their support for the Iraq war. The Reaction: McCain, public financing, and t

Remembering Another Jeremiah

I've been in communication with many other bloggers and progressive activists about various aspects of the primary race. It's always been helpful to m

Mike's Blog Roundup

Alternate Brain: One more monstrous, ideologically-driven, BUSHCO clusterf*ck. How are we all not dead? Corrente: Froomkin demolishes Bush's argument

Is Huckabee Rapture Ready?

Max Blumenthal in The Nation Of all the right-wing figures who have promoted Mike Huckabee's extraordinary political rise from a backwater church to

Mike's Blog Round Up

Informed Comment: Top Ten Myths about Iraq in 2007 Sisyphus Shrugged:..now that pandering to the evangelical right is temporarily off the table Brad