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War on Terror

U.N. Calls For Release Of Report On Bush-Era Torture

"I think that there’s no doubt that the conspiracy that involved the commission of acts of secret detention, torture and rendition under the Bush administration constitute gross and systematic human rights violations."
Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Richard Grenell Edition

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Richard Grenell Edition

Wingnuts just can't make up their mind. Either Obama is a ruthless dictator, showering the globe with <a href="">"illegal" drone strikes</a> and <a href="">recklessly starting wars</a> -- or he's a weak appeaser, afraid to stand up to The Terrorists.

Fox's Krauthammer Wants US Engaged In Endless 'War On Terror'

I'm not sure just who Charles Krauthammer thinks is supposed to be "surrendering" to the United States to finally end this so-called "war on terror," but that's one of the only two scenarios he offered to his cohort Bret Baier on Fox this Thursday as legitimate reasons to end the United States pretending we're at war with a tactic.