Francine Busby

CA-50: Christine Pelosi will be liveblogging from Busby HQ tonight (via Kos)

Busby: A Little More Help Needed

Dear Friends and Bloggers, I wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your engagement in my race -- I've seen great posts sorting out fact from fi

Ex-GOP Attacks Bilbray

Ex-GOP attacks Bilbray Human Events: With five days to go before the too-close-to-call special U.S. House election in California's 50th District (Sa

On Busby

Nothing to see here folks Atrios: Kudos to Jay Tea for recognizing that the manufactured Busby flap is in fact manufactured. Yes, it's the kind of

CA-50: Get-Out-The-Vote For Busby

CA-50: Get-Out-The-Vote for Busby Swing State Project: This, as they say, is it, folks. If you live anywhere remotely near CA-50, please, please, I

Francine Busby Leads So Far

Francine Busby leads so far via The National Journal (reg req.) Run-Off Election Matchup Fav / Unfav Now 4/20 Busby 53% / 37% Busby 47% 43% Bilbray 4