Roger Simon

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Roger Simon Edition

There was <a href="">a veritable gold rush of SRWTs </a> after the President made some remarks about the George Zimmerman verdict.

Gilligan And The Stench

Oh, my. It seems Paul Ryan has gone rogue even earlier than Sarah Palin did, if Roger Simon is to be believed. In all honesty, his article at The Politico almost reads like satire, right down to the detailed explanation of PowerPoint

Howard Kurtz Asks If Media Overhyped Akin Rape Remarks

I've got to wonder if CNN's Howard Kurtz has ever once asked if the media was spending too much time focusing on a story that's bad for Democrats. From this Sunday's Reliable Sources, Kurtz asks his panel if the media has been intentionally trying

Roger Simon: Being 'A Little Bit Racist' Helps In GOP Primary

Politico's Roger Simon says that Republican presidential Rick Perry's recent embrace of birtherism amounts to a racist "dog whistle." "It's not a 'fun' issue to poke somebody on," Simon told CNN's Howard Kurtz Sunday. "It is more than a little