Ari Fleischer Is Annoying

From the comment section of C&L:

Fleischer on CNN Tue, 11/03/2009 - 19:16 — fastfeat

Can we finally nix guests, hosts that call the Democratic Party the 'Democrat' Party?

I'm truly sick and tired of the hosts being limp-d*&ked on the terminology.

Networks that cover politics should at least have their "experts" get the name of the party they are talking about correct. Is that too much to ask? I know we all at times say "Democrat," but there's is a conscious effort to smear the party by the Karl Roves of the right. Is it OK if every Democratic strategist and party member refer to Republican party members as "Repukes?"

CNN Democratic Strategist: Yes, well the teabaggers led by Palin and Beck with help from the Club for Growth chased away Scozzafava, a moderate "Repuke" in NY-23 and replaced her with Doug Hoffman, a much crazier 'Repuke.' Now the Repukes are involved in a bitter civil war which will bode well for the Democratic Party.

I wonder if that would be acceptable to Joe Klein of CNN. I mean, he does book the most vile right wing teabagger of all with no reservations.


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