Schiavo Case Over

It should be: Florida's state attorney said there was no evidence Terri Schiavo's collapse 15 years ago involved criminal activity, and Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday declared an end to the state's on

Screw Mark Furman and his Circus Clown book. Screw Terry Randall for leaching on the back of a women that was lost to us a long time ago. Screw Tom Delay for taking his marching orders from the fake money changers. Screw Bill" the cat killer" Frist for making a laughing stock out of the medical profession and his "let's go to the video tape" diagnosis. Screw Rick Santorum for showing up to make a few extra campaign bucks. Screw Jesse Jaskson for being a tool for the phony prophets. Screw Bay Buchanan for demanding the troops go in and pull her out by force.

Screw President Bush for jumping on a plane to sign a bullshit law. Screw Jeb Bush for trying to milk this case for everything it was worth. Screw Joe Scarborough for being Joe Scarborough. And finally...screw Sean Hannity for camping out in front of the hospice so a young girl was denied the chance to see her dying grandparent. There's plenty more "screw you" to go around.

Balloon-Juice: It means that there is NO EVIDENCE that Michael Schiavo did anything wrong, and anyone who continues to smear Michael Schiavo claiming he 'may have caused this' or who claims that the autopsy 'doesn't rule out abuse' should be repeatedly ridiculed, scorned, and then ignored. In that order.

AmericaBlog: Jeb milked this case for all he could...what a pig.


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