As has been reported, Robert Novak stormed off the set of " Inside Politics" today during a session with James Carville while they were talking abou
August 3, 2005

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As has been reported, Robert Novak stormed off the set of " Inside Politics" today during a session with James Carville while they were talking about Katherine Harris. (Was it the make-up!)

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He yelled " This is bullshit" and walked off the set after Carville did his usual ribbing of Novakula. Do you think the Valerie Plame affair is stressing out Bob? James didn't even give it to him like he usually does.

Wonkette says: Novak Takes His Lack of Balls and Goes Home. Does this mean that MSNBC will give Novak his own show?

Eschaton says: Novakula :Thanks, James Carville. And I’m sorry as well that Bob Novak left the set a little early. I had told him in advance that we were going to ask about the CIA leak case, he was not here for me to be able to ask him about that. Hopefully, we’ll be able to ask him about that in the future.

Booman Tribune says: Bob Novak Unhinged on CNN: Is Bob under pressure for some reason?

Josh Marshall says: I just watched the tape. And I have to say what James Carville said to set Novak off wasn't really even that pointed, at least not right on the surface.

Brad Blog says: Novak Cracks Up LIVE on CNN! The host for the segment said that Novak knew in advance he was going to be asked about the outting of covert CIA asset, Valerie Plame. Apparently, he never got the chance.

Liberal Avenger: The Douchebag of Liberty Lives Up to His Title.

AmericaBlog says: Jesus Christ that's unprofessional. And it's not like the exchange he was having with Carville was any big deal. Methinks RoveGate is hotter than we all realized

Shakespeare's Sister says: OMG! Novak Loses His Shit!

Digby says: It seems to me that it's possible the mean old man just didn't want to face the fact that he is a has-been journalist as well as a Republican hack who's outlived his usefulness. Retirement must be looking pretty good.

Kevin Drum says: NOVAK'S MELTDOWN: It beats me what happened. It seemed like just the usual banter between Novak and Carville, who have done this kind of thing about a thousand times before, so I don't know what set Novak off-

Amy Sullivan says: NO QUESTIONS NOVAK. It's not just that Novak doesn't want to answer questions; what's clear is that he doesn't think he should have to...

MyKeru says: For the longest time Novak has been given a free pass over his involvement in the Valerie Wilson outing...

Driftglass says:Carville Discovers Novak’s Launch Codes: Sneering, dyspeptic traitor loses his mind on the air.
Maybe the voices are coming from that there cup?

Talk Left says: CNN Puts Novak in 'Time Out' After Set Walk-Off

From the right:

John Cole says: Novak In A Huff: Personally, this rates somewhere between Janet Jackson’s nipple and shark attacks on my indifference-o-meter

Captain's Quarters: Maybe Novak should think about retirement from television soon. If he can't behave any better than this, the choice may soon be made for him.

Protein Wisdom says: My third brief interview with Karl Rove's breakfast burrito.

Wizbang says: Robert Novak Suspended From CNN For Cursing Incident

Michelle Malkin says: BOB NOVAK & B.S. did a producer say something in his ear? Because Carville didn't seem anymore rude or crude than he normally is. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Public figures--especially conservatives--should not swear like sailors except in the privacy of their own homes. It's unbecoming at best.


Mickey Klaus says: Was Novak Running from ... a Book? What was the big reddish-brown book sitting in front of moderator Ed Henry when Robert Novak walked off the set of CNN's Inside Politics? Who's Who in America, of course! ... Mystery Pollster caught it first. ... Perhaps Henry, who says he told Novak he was going to ask about the Plame case, wanted to clear up the Anne Kornblut question: whether Novak really found out Plame's maiden name from the book. (Highly unlikely, sez kf). Novak escaped just in time.

Just One Minute: The world wonders - what chased him off? Was it garlic, a silver cross, what?

More on the Book

Talking Points Memo: Wow, he's right. Now that I look, it's there as bright as day. here's the book

Atrios says: Earlier in the segment the Big Book is hidden next to Carville, and then at some point it's on the table and visible to Novak. He appears to keep glancing down at it, but I can't be certain of that.

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