O'Reilly: Fire Gabler

Neal Gabler Watch: Day #1

Bill O'Reilly wants Neil Gabler fired and fast. The falafel man hasn't been very pleased with Gabler ever since he threw Bill's phony "War on Christmas, " meme under the bus. ( see video)

O'Reilly's not happy that a FOX employee would have the nerve to publicly criticize "The Factor." O'Reilly had Eric Burns, the host of " FOX News Watch" on and demanded that he take action. (rough transcript)

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O'Reilly: Hey Eric, you gotta come down on this Gabler guy, I mean he's just out of control and I'll tell you why...you have Gabler picking up a far left blog (Bill shows no proof) conspiracy theory-spitting it out there and you guys sit there---like humpty dumpty.---I'd fire him in a heartbeat.

Bill told Burns he should have edited out what O'Reilly found offensive. Now we know what O'Reilly does on his show. Don't like an opinion-cut it. How much was Gabler sued for? How much payola did FOX settle on to bail Neil out of legal troubles? None that I can think of.

Burns tries to defend his show and kowtow to Bill at the same time while O'Reilly calls Gabler a "rabid dog." Sounds just like the sort of smear that Bill accuses those pesky, lefty websites of doing. How long do you think Gabler will last?


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