Bush-The Media And Iraq

Bush has started an all out free-for-all against the media and their war coverage to deflect his problems with public support over the Iraq war. Alternet posts this story from a soldier in Iraq called: There's a civil what? where? The soldier heard about it through his mother.

Me: "No, the civil war part."

That was the first I’d heard about the mosque getting blown up and this was two or three days after it happened. I’m IN Iraq and have no idea what’s going on.... the way our media talks about the war it sounds like a stroll through Candy Land. A hot, dusty, ghetto Candy Land. The muffin man lives in downtown Baghdad in a mud house that has a plastic tarp for a door and in his spare time watches bakery porn on satellite television....read on

ReddHedd writes to Laura Ingraham:

"Thanks so much for man-handling the truth on the Today Show yesterday with regard to the situation in Iraq. Your wingnutty truthiness sure has opened up a big ole can of worms with the press today, hasn't it?-

But, gosh, thanks to you, Laura, the gloves are off. You've dared them to prove they haven't been going on the air with bad news just the make the President look bad. So now they are going to have to prove that things are, in reality, much, much worse for everyone in Iraq. Including our troops. All that holding back to protect the public and keep the White House happy day in and day out has just gone shit out the window now, hasn’t it?...read on


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