Does Bush Have The Authority To Strike Iran Without The Congress

Joe Biden was on "Hardball" last week (no transcript available from MSNBC) and said things that were quite frightening.
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Matthews: Does the President of the United States have the authority to attack Iran?

Biden: No, not without congressional support, authorization I should say.

Matthews: Is that a consensus in your body?

Biden: "No. I don't think it's a consensus among Republicans or Democrats at this time..."

How can there not be a consensus on this issue at least by Democrats?

Arthur dissects an article in the Weekly Standard written by Reuel Marc Gerecht about the possibility of bombing Iran.

"I must note that "the Bush administration is still determined to pursue" diplomacy with Iran only in the sense that it was "determined" to do so with regard to Iraq: that is to say, the illusion of diplomacy will only serve as a rationalization when the decision is made to launch the attack. The Bush administration will declare once again: "See? We tried to solve this terrible problem diplomatically. But they wouldn't let us. It's all their fault."So when we attack a country that isn't a threat, it's their fault. If we use nuclear weapons offensively against a non-existent threat, it's their fault. Even if millions of its citizens die as a result, it's their fault. This is not foreign policy: it's mental on"

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