Cokie Roberts "Disastrous" Segment

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Cokie has no idea what she's talking about and it's frankly very disturbing. Donaldson, on the other hand, seems to understand the situation a bit better. He knows Bush has been using Lieberman's blind support for him to the detriment of Democrats and the country. I understand that many in the media want to smear the blogs, but every poll says the majority of Americans wants us out of Iraq and thinks this war was a mistake. So who is in the mainstream of American opinion and who is out of touch with it--the blogs or Cokie and George Will?

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Media Matters;

ROBERTS: I think Connecticut is a more liberal state. You saw it there. It's -- it's very blue, and -- and you've got the -- the guy with a lot of money who is able to come in and take advantage of it. But it's -- it's, I think, a disaster for the Democratic Party, and it's going to be very interesting to see what happens as a result of it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Disaster for the Democratic Party? Why?

ROBERTS: Yes. I do, because, I think that first of all, that pushing the party to the left, which is what's likely to happen, is pushing the party to the position from which it traditionally loses. And --

STEPHANOPOULOS: In presidential elections.

ROBERTS: In presidential elections, but also it will send a signal to everybody in the Senate: "Watch out. The only smart thing to do here is play to your base." And then that -- what that means is that your legislation becomes a mess, which it already is, but even more of a mess, and you get --

STEPHANOPOULOS: That much is --

ROBERTS: So you just get just a -- total chaos out of this.

DONALDSON: Cokie, at this point it's playing to the country. It's not just your base, in opposing the war. And it happened because George Bush was able to say last year, "As Senator Lieberman said ... ," "Senator Lieberman believes ... ." Because it's not just that he supported going into Iraq and all of that, but he came back last year and said, "The strategy is working." And, of course, it's not working, and I think that's what got him in trouble...

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