Bill O'Reilly Smears Nancy Pelosi

TOF-Pelosi.jpg "The Fear of Pelosi." That's the Talking Points for today.

Bill O'Reilly started his show off Thursday with his usual Talking Points segment. The new FOX News poll shows us that things aren't going so well for the GOP as the election draws near so Bill needs to give his viewers some hope and direction on how they can keep the Congress. It's easy really. If you don't vote Republican you will have that evil, liberal Nancy Pelosi take charge of the House. What could be worse? The corrupt filled Republicans have nothing over Nancy because she's a secular progressive that wants nothing more than to take all your money and turn your kids gay.

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The falafel King is being fair and balanced I tell you. How do I know? He had on Dick " where's my prostitute? " Morris to validate his take. I'm not smearing Morris, Bill. After all--he did resign in shame, but that hardly matters because even though Hastert is everything that is wrong with DC, Pelosi would be worse.

The level of propaganda that they can sling to his audience in three and a half minutes is mind boggling. Hannity is just a GOP talking point robot with a big fat "Rove" tattooed on his forehead, but Bill goes about his business trying to brand himself as---don't laugh--an independent.

According to Bill, Nancy Pelosi is the elected official in San Francisco which is the capitol of the hate American first crowd. Why they have gay parades and everything. The GOP is chock full of felons, indicted politicians, sexual predators, (and those that would cover-up) and rubber stamp loyalists that don't give a damn about America and embrace torture, but that is better that Nancy Pelosi. That's your choice ladies and gentleman. She's proven that she's incapable to...well actually she hasn't done anything wrong or illegal, but does that really matter in the end?

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