October 18, 2006

TOF-Bush-critic.jpg It wasn't hard for me to predict:

This will be Billy's favorite segment of all three segments and you can bet that O'Reilly will say that he's used to those nasty smear tactics as well.

A lot of his show is devoted to people that disagree with him; he loves it, actually. With so many problems facing America, this segment is really an ode to O'Reilly and his attack the media assaults. I cut most of it out because he started right off with the "me, me, me too!"

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O'Reilly: When people criticize me, I think I'm the second most criticized person in the country. You're the first, by a large margin, but I'm second. I get really furious especially if it's dishonest.

To Bill, all criticism is dishonest. I then put in another segment with Larry Sabato and Wendy Schiller.

O’Reilly: He is lucky, because these are hired guns. These are people hired, being paid very well to smear and try to destroy people---and that’s the difference, Dr. Schiller. That had never happened before. I’ll give you the last word.

How much are you being paid, Mr. Bill, for what you and Hannity and Limbaugh do? And who exactly are these paid bloggers?

O’Reilly: I think I have to say President Bush has a much healthier attitude toward this than I do. Because if I can get away with it, boy, I’d go in with a hand grenade...

He was joking, of course, but his smear of bloggers is always front and center.


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