The Spocko Audio Files: Listening Is Believing

melaniemorgan-hb.jpg Poor Melanie Morgan, Brian Sussman and Lee Rogers. They are so misunderstood. Wishing violence on the world isn't so bad, is it? I think it was Hugh "the Cowardly lion" Hewitt who called right wing talk radio "quite responsible." Well listen to this and you tell me.

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Sussman asking a caller to prove that he is not a Muslim: "Say Allah is a whore. ... Say that you love eating pig. Morgan on Pelosi: "We've got a bull's-eye painted on her big, wide laughing eyes."

When advertisers actually listen to the hatred emanating from the mouths of these B level talking heads and pull their ads, what do they do? Threaten to sue the blogger who exposed them. Cowards---plain and simple. You're free to say what you like, but sometimes there are consequences Melanie. It's not Spocko's letters that are making the advertisers flee your station, it's your disgusting and vile wingnuttery.

Media Matters has a nice post that explains it all:

Summary: The mainstream media have yet to report on the story of a blogger whose website was shut down after he began spotlighting inflammatory rhetoric common to several talk radio hosts on KSFO, an ABC Radio-owned station in San on


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