FOX's Assault On Rosie

This is getting ridiculous. Every time I turn on FOX NEWS they have another clip of Rosie O'Donnell cued up as they prepare to rip her.

In a new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll, (.pdf) one of the questions was:

3. – 10. I'm going to read you the names of several individuals and groups.
Please tell me whether you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of
each one. If you've never heard of someone please just say so. (RANDOMIZE)
SCALE: 1. Favorable 2. Unfavorable 3. (Can't say) 4. Never heard of

Favor Unfav Can't Never
able orable say heard
Democratic Party 51% 35 13 1
Republican Party 39% 49 12 -
George W. Bush 38% 58 4 -
Dick Cheney 37% 53 8 2
Nancy Pelosi 33% 24 23 20
Donald Trump 30% 53 16 1
Robert Gates 28% 16 29 27
Rosie O'Donnell 25% 58 15 2

How many American troops were killed because Rosie spoke out on The View? How many Iraqi civilians died because Rosie spoke out on The View? How many Americans lost their health insurance because Rosie spoke out on The View? Has Rosie slowed up the reconstruction of NOLA because Rosie spoke out on The View? There are many other silly questions included...


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