Think For The First Time, Frum

I don't have a whole lot of respect for David Frum, former speechwriter for Bush and a major neocon, but this diary at NRO entitled Think Again! just had my teeth on edge.

Before my friends on the Corner succumb to the urge to let Al Gonzales take the fall in the US Attorney uproar, some cautionary thoughts:

1) Nobody has yet adduced a gram of evidence to suggest that anyone did anything wrong. All we know is that the White House replaced 8 political appointees with 8 other political appointees.

2) Why do you suppose Gonzales of all people has been made the target here? As far as we can tell, he had less to do with the substantive decisions than almost any of the other principals here. Could it be ...

and this takes us to the most crucial point:

3) That many Democrats and left-wing legal activists recognize that another vacancy may soon be opening on the Supreme Court - and that Gonzales would be a very difficult nominee for them to reject?

Are you kidding me? Again, I have to wonder why someone who has been so very wrong, so tragically mistaken in the rhetoric he crafted that led us to a war in which 3,100 troops and God knows how many Iraqis have died, could possibly be allowed to postulate something this jaw-droppingly stupid and get away with it.

Here's a quarter, Frum, buy a clue: I know that you have no objection whatsoever to this White House politicizing absolutely everything and marching forward towards that cliff , but I promise you, the worry that Gonzales is a bulletproof choice for the Supreme Court is not factoring in this scandal of the White House's making. Actually, that in your mind Gonzales would even be a choice for SCOTUS shows how far removed from reality you are.


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