Chris Matthews Calls Judy Miller A Hero!

judy-miller-hb.jpg From the surreal to the absurd. Tweety had on the disgraced former NY Times war propagandist Judy Miller on Hardball today to share with us her thoughts on our terror readiness.

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Matthews: Judy, you're a hero to the press. You are a woman to be trusted with secrets and thank you for coming on.

Dick Cheney thanks her too for printing as much WH propaganda as she could get her hands on so it could be used by the administration to take us to war. She certainly is the person I want to hear from. <vomit>

It's bad enough that she's back on teevee, but in Matthews intro to her, he called her a hero because she went to jail for Scooter Libby who leaked her and leaked her and leaked her and....A stenographer that helped pave the way for the Iraq war with her phony columns (with the help of Michael Gordon) is nothing more than a disgusting scab that reminds us how culpable the media and the NY Times were in providing material for the Bush/Lieberman/neocon wet dream fantasy in Iraq.


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