Get O.J. Simpson Off My Teevee: Republicans Angry Over Bush's Speech On Iraq! UPDATED

oj-simpson-ap.jpg (AP photo) OK, so he got questioned. I hope he goes to jail a very long time, but how does CNN justify making him the lead in story on "The Situation Room?" Isn't there a major debate going on about the war? Why wasn't this comment by Gloria Borger from last night not the top of the top? Maybe on a political show---telling your audience that Republicans are fuming at Bush for destroying the last shield (or so they perceived) they had on the Iraq war is a tad more important than this psycho. I'm just saying...

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transcript via CNN:

GLORIA BORGER, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, I think Republicans, many of whom are now critics of this war, were very willing to stand with General Petraeus. There was a sense that the general did quite well in his testimony on Capitol Hill.

If you look at public opinion polls, the public trusts the generals to figure out what to do next in the war more than they do the president or even the Congress.

And so, Republicans were saying, it was fine with us to stand with Petraeus. By the president going on television tonight, he is reminding the American public that this is, of course, the policy of George W. Bush that they are supporting.

And -- and this comes from Republican presidential candidates as well. They would just as soon that the president had kept quiet and just leave Petraeus' statements stand for themselves.


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