Frank Luntz Dials The GOP CNN/YouTube Debate

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You know what the best thing about Republicans debates is for me? Frankie "The Hair" Luntz always comes on FOX News to give some more of his patented marketing wisdom. You know, the kind of wisdom that allows you to spin all your negatives into sounding--but not really being--positive? There are few in the media who make my job easier. Watch Frank give his interpretation of his dial polls during the CNN/YouTube GOP debates:

If you want to understand what Republicans are looking for: passion, principles and pithy commentary. And the candidate that stood out yesterday was Fred Thompson.

Pithy, but not factually-based, right, Frank? And as far as passion, I've seen people without pulses that seem more passionate than Fred Thompson, but maybe you go for that type. And try as I might, I couldn't find a single other person who agreed with your assessment that Freddie of Hollywood won the debate. Curious, that.

However, my favorite part is when Luntz apologizes to Sean Hannity for being one of those last desperate few who support GWB:

They're afraid that as they watch--and these people, Sean, are watching both Republican and Democratic debates; I'm not surprised that they're getting very high ratings--They look at what the Democrats offer and to them, it doesn't sound-and I'm going to use this word deliberately-it doesn't sound American. To the Republicans. And they're nervous that the Democratic candidates will take the country backward. Point one. Point two is that they want to see the Republicans with a genuine focus and they find that the Democrats have been more precise in terms of issues than their own candidates have been and third, and I apologize for this, Sean, they're very disappointed with President Bush. Republicans who voted for him are disappointed in what has happened over the past two years.

Think how disappointed those of us who never voted for Bush are in them, Frank.


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