O'Reilly Says He Called Obama's Staffer An SOB!

Bill O'Reilly went on FOX News via telephone to tell his side of the story. He got into a confrontation with an Obama staffer because his poor little camera got blocked.

O'Reilly: Some guy comes over, he's about six foot eight according to the press reports and he stands in front of the Factor camera. So I asked him fairly nicely, "you're blocking our shot sir, you need to move a little bit.

...so I had to gently remove him from that position. No scuffle, I just moved him from the spot.. I might have called him an SOB, that's possible, nothing more than that. No one on this earth is going block a shot on the O'Reilly Factor. It is not going to happen.

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How does O'Reilly gently move a 6ft, 8in. man while cursing him out? BillO lost it. And, my God, his ego is insane.

John Dickerson was there and described a crowd that didn't suck up to the Factor Man.

When the popular Fox News entertainer arrived at the Obama event in Nashua, people turned to him but not always approvingly. "Hey O'Reilly," yelled a man. When O'Reilly turned he got a single-finger salute. A few people approached Bill to shake his hand but the overwhelming sentiment was unfavorable. "O'Reilly hatemonger," yelled a woman...

He also describes the whole O'Reilly saga and at the end even Dickerson thought O'Reilly was a joke:

I have a confession. During the shoving, I found myself yelling at O'Reilly to grow up, which was thoroughly unprofessional, except that I have little kids and I think it's important to discipline misbehavior immediately. If I don't dare to discipline, they'll grow up to be like, well, Bill O'Reilly.


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