Countdown: Geraldine Ferraro's Racial Comments About Barack Obama

We've tried to stay out of the weeds of accusations/counter-accusations between the Democratic candidates, but after a discussion behind the scenes here at C&L, we came to the conclusion that we needed to cover this story. While C&L has not--and will not--endorse either Democratic candidate, Ferraro's comments were over the line offensive and absurd on the face of it, and the Clinton response unacceptably tepid, especially considering the uproar over Power's remarks last week.

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This mash up from Tuesday's Countdown features Keith Olbermann speaking with Howard Fineman and Rachel Maddow. Fineman posits that the Clinton's reluctance to fire Ferraro -- and this wasn't the first time she's made these comments-- Ferraro's refusal to back down and Campaign Manager Maggie Williams' angry pushback is because this is the kind of fight that Clinton wants. Rachel Maddow doesn't know if this is the best strategy for the Clinton campaign to take:

For anybody to be saying that Barack Obama is only where he is because he is black, that black men are so privileged in America that that's the only thing that explains his success because he's otherwise unqualified - which is the implication of her comment, would be absolutely offensive, more than regrettable, from anybody commenting seriously on the campaign. Honestly, you know it, you know it would be. But for this to come from somebody whose an official part of the campaign and the campaign did not to disavow that person and distance themselves, is, it's an incredible decision and therefore does make us question whether they're doing this on purpose for some reason."

Pam Spaulding can't figure out what the Clinton campaign is thinking either. One whisper that has been floated as a possible alibi is that Ferraro's ongoing cancer treatment meds may be affecting her, but that doesn't excuse Clinton's mild response. In fact, there's no excuse whatsoever for this kind of thinking at all. Can you imagine the uproar if O'Reilly or Limbaugh said this and is that the kind of company Clinton wants to place herself?

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