Oh, Harry! Majority Leader Reid Continues To Defend Lieberman

I like Harry Reid. I really do. That's why it kills me when he -- along with one of my other favorite Senators, Chris Dodd -- continues to defend Joe Lieberman by saying "he only disagrees with us on the war." First of all, "the war" is no small issue in and of itself. Indeed, it encompasses virtually every critical aspect of George Bush's presidency, from torture to the Military Commissions Act to FISA. And besides the war, Lieberman has split with his party on the oh-so-minor issue of supporting its nominee for President.

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"Lieberman, who supports us on virtually everything except the war, [actually gives the GOP a 50-49 majority]"

With a razor-thin majority, it makes sense politically to try and keep him happy. But do we really need to kid ourselves and pretend like Traitor Joe hasn't abandoned the party of every single important issue of the day? Hopefully Reid, Dodd and everyone else is just playing nice until we pad our majorities a little more. Then we can finally strip Senator Joe Lieberman (I) of his committee assignments and make his transformation into a full-blown neoconservative complete.

Let's not also forget that Lieberman has shown an eager willingness to assume the role of Zell Miller, 2008 edition. No doubt he will use that precious opportunity (most likely on prime time television) to repeatedly bash the party Harry Reid and others still believe he belongs to.

Glenn has a comprehensive rundown. You can also check below the fold for a few more one our readers sent us.

Final Passage of S 2248: Joe Lieberman votes with Republican caucus and Blue Dog Dems to pass retroactive immunity:

Cloture on S 2248
: Joe Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Dodd/Feingold Amendment 3907 to strip RI from S 2248
: Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Feingold Amendment 3912 to limit bulk collection
: Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Specter-Whitehouse Amendment 3927 for substitution in telecom cases: Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Feinstein Amendment 3919 - the "good faith" amendment for telecom cases
: Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Feinstein Amendment 3910, covering exclusivity of FISA
: Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

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Feingold/Webb Amendment 3979 - sequestration - Lieberman votes with Republican caucus

Notice a pattern?


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