[media id=5485] [media id=5486] (h/t Heather) More of that great "librul" bias in the media for your entertainment: The bronze award goes to AP New
June 6, 2008

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More of that great "librul" bias in the media for your entertainment: The bronze award goes to AP Newswire Services for the Barry Schweid article gone out to all their outlets that basically sounds as a GOP oppo research press release. Schweid compares and contrasts the foreign policy stances of the presumptive presidential nominees, calling Obama "inexperienced" and "naive" and furthering the whole "Iran as a potential nuclear power is dangerous" meme so favored by the White House.

The silver goes to the perennial Bill O'Reilly on his derivative "Patriots & Pinheads" segment for using a Newsbusters post (you don't really want me to link to it, do you?) blasting Brian Williams for not leading with the story that US casualties in Iraq were down in May, choosing to do instead a story on the failing infrastructure.

Surprised that you’re a blithering sociopath, cutting and pasting from Newsbusters? No, I am not. Surprised that you don’t have a clue about what’s all important or news to Americans, like any casualties are too many, Bill, and the country’s being strangled by Big Oil? No, I am not. Surprised you’re going on 59 and he’s 49, and yet you refer to him as “old”? No, I am not.

And the richly deserved gold goes to Sen. Joe Lieberman for his email to McCain supporters where he furthers the Bush administration's favorite grade school-level insult terminology of saying that he caucuses with the Democrat Party. Shyeah right. I say we just go with the alteration Olbermann suggests to match LIE-berman's rhetoric on his former party.

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