Fun With Guns: Freezer Edition

Fun With Guns: Freezer Edition

It was in Fort Worth, Texas where Open Carry advocates areprancin’ and dancin’.

Here’s the low down —

An email from Sgt. Ray Bush, with the Fort Worth Police Department, said Jack in the Box employees at the South Freeway location at Sycamore School Road, were scared about the armed men protesting outside of the restaurant.“They locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them,” the email stated.

The police responded, as they should, as if an armed robbery was in progress.

Now get this: one of the damfools said that he carries his semi-automatic Smith and Wesson on his back “to avoid making people think he plans to use it.”

Yeah, that’s the same reason I carry around a chainsaw – so people will know that I don’t plan on using it.

You know, if that’s his theory, I should be required by law to push a vacuum cleaner everywhere I go. I sure the hell don’t plan on using that.

It’s just a matter of time, y’all, until somebody dies over a deal like this. I sure hope it ain’t me. When I die, I want to be real old and real sick, or at least doing something worth dying for. I do not want “innocent bystander” anywhere in my obituary.

I do not carry my firearm in public. First off, my cajones are plenty big and everydamnbody knows it. Second off, I ain’t buying this Constitutional Right thing. I also have a right to free speech but I don’t talk the whole time when I leave the house. Sometime I listen to Willie Nelson and sometime I go into a restaurant without everybody running and hiding. Honey, the only thing that needs to hide when I go into a restaurant is the Tres Leches.


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