As usual, Fox took the position that DeBlasio was supposed to apologize for his actions that they believe led to two officers being shoot and killed.
December 29, 2014

Fox News ran a segment on The Big Story on Mayor De Blasio's speech to a NYPD graduating class today, where the mayor received some heckling for his troubles. As usual, Fox took the position that DeBlasio was supposed to apologize for his actions that they believe led to two officers being shoot and killed.

Heather: David, couple of questions for you here, did the Mayor apologize and what was the reaction to his remarks?

Miller: One, no apology today and the mayor, well for the most part Heather, he ignored the heckling and the boo's you just heard from the audience.

Fox News thinks De Blasio was supposed to apologize to a graduating class of police recruits? Wow, just wow.

Why do they think that?

In a much anticipated speech, Mayor De Blasio praised what he called the officer's courage, commitment and determination, but perhaps his remarks are newsworthy for what he did not say. He did not address criticism from the police union and others, that he created an environment that led to the recent fatal shootings.

Fox News blames the mayor for the murders of officers Ramos and Liu because he discussed his son in context to his biracial status? Wow, just wow.

De Blasio gave a good speech that praised the heroism of the NYPD and called them the greatest police force in the world, but Fox would rather focus in on Rudy Giuliani's claim that the mayor created an impression that the NYPD didn't like.

Miller: Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani this weekend called for mayor De Blasio to apologize for creating the impression DeBlasio sided with anti- police protesters but today today Heather, no such mea culpa was in the offing.

Heather: Boy, so things certainly will not be put to rest over this one.

How quaint. Fox News is concern trolling for Mayor De Blasio and only his apology to the entire police force brought up by cowards like Rudy and Pat Lynch to milk the horrendous murders of two police officers for purely political gain can save the day. Wow, just wow.

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