Hannity interviews a couple of Yes Men and they all conclude it's a "Democrat plot" to get more black voters by the dreaded triumvirate, Obama, Holder and Sharpton.
March 17, 2015

Hannity's interview of black person-hating, black person, Kevin Jackson and the former D.O.J. attorney and PJ Media contributor/paranoid person, J. Christian Adams was edited in such a way that the average racially hostile Fox News viewer would fear those scary black people even more. Sean Hannity was in typical form, vilifying Mike Brown and Dorian Jackson as criminal thugs while he exonerated every single person in every single police force around the country for never harboring a single solitary inkling of racist behavior.

The objective of this segment is to prove that it's the damned black president and his black friends, AG Eric Holder and the Reverend Al Sharpton that are the problem here. It's most assuredly not a systemic issue of targeting black people to collect revenue and a more likely chance deadly force will be used against a black man than any other demographic. It's those black guys in charge and Hannity and his cohorts will make it look like it couldn't have any other cause.

The segment began with a menacing mug shot of the 20 year old black guy,

"who is charged with two counts of assault in the first degree, three counts of armed criminal action and firing a weapon from a vehicle."

One worker made comments following the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson last week that he believes the Police is a fraternal organization with the same structure as the KKK. Hannity did say that this city employee has been suspended for his comments. Then he showed two other black residents of Ferguson who weren't phased by the shooting of those officers. He set up these people as savages who deserve the brutality exhibited by the Ferguson PD.

Kevin Jackson couldn't defend Darren Wilson fast enough.

"There's a conveyor belt of ignorance that this administration and the Left want to put forth...The question that gets asked by me, by most of the people who follow my work, is 'why is this happening?' It's very simple. It's targeted racism, it's a "targeted" meme that the White House wants to set up that essentially says that cops are fair game, that they really aren't doing these things in the community, but, at the end of the day, it's a huge disservice not only to blacks across the country but to the people of Ferguson.

Kevin repeats this polarization of communities via Eric Holder's baseless investigation that uncovered nothing out of the ordinary about the community, except every single finding was dripping with blatant racism, but, since Kevin is black, by his repeating these lies exonerates all cops, in perpetuity.

Hannity calls on the next patsy, who is the firm believer in reverse racism, J Christian Adams, who asserted last week, that Washington D.C. is imposing its will on local jurisdictions like Ferguson. Hannity gives him an opening to be insanely paranoid by praising the findings of the very suspicious and sloppy Grand Jury procedures, conducted by Bob McCulloch. He asks if they weren't able to prove Darren Wilson's racist proclivities via the Grand Jury, they'd never prove that his fatal actions were racially provoked. Hannity claims that Holder ignored the exoneration report. J.C. Adams says,

"Bull's eye Sean, it's always been about the narrative... the narrative that police departments are structurally racist...and what's the fix?... That Washington DC will exert more power over local police departments. That's how to understand Ferguson. There's another element that also is going on: A racially polarized population helps Democrats win elections. They constantly have to churn this racial narrative so they can get minorities voting, like they did in 2012, at rates of like 98% for "Democrat Candidates," that's what this is all about and it's very easy to understand."

Oh my GOD! People are voting, legally, while black?

Hannity then plays the heated demonstration where Brown's stepfather was angrily chanting, "Burn this bitch down!" Then Hannity claims Brown NEVER had his hands up and the subsequent looters were never arrested. So Kevin Jackson played the "lawless seem to be getting further ahead" card, and the police officers did NOTHING, yet they lost their jobs. Then he praised the amazing progress since Selma, where

"Last week, he (President Obama) sat on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and, didn't say anything about how the nation had overcome, and the fact that fifty years ago, he couldn't stand on that bridge without getting his butt whipped, but now he's standing there and going back to Ferguson and not even talking to people about the outcome of Selma, which is 80% black, heavy unemployment and lots of other issues. So what they want, the Left, is they want to make Ferguson into another Selma, the Civil Rights Version, 2 dot 0, they want it to be black, partly to what Christian says,so that it can become a "Democrat Enclave" like exactly what Liberals want for ALL CITIES.

It's pretty weird to hear a black person speaks so ill of communities that are comprised mainly of black people. That's why Kevin keeps reappearing on Fox News. He makes the racists feel justified for their bigotry.

Notice they use the derogatory Democrat (insert noun here) to disrespect all Democratic Americans? It's nice of them to keep the derogatory insults made popular by Ted Cruz look-a-like, Senator Joe McCarthy. It's a testament to their desire to be as regressive and oppressive as possible. Since we're dealing with religious extremists, it wouldn't be inappropriate to compare these pro-brutality nut cases with ISIS. Hell, Scott Walker called unionized teachers the same thing and they've never displayed a fraction of the brutality the Ferguson P.D. has shown.

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