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Stewart Hammers 'F**king Cuckoo' Republicans Over Iran Letter

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart let the Senate Republicans have it for their open letter to Iranian leaders.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart did a good job letting the 47 Senate Republicans have it for their open letter to Iranian leaders, where they did their best to undermine the ongoing negotiations over their nuclear program and managed to make complete fools of themselves.

Jon Stewart hammers Republicans on Iran letter: They’re ‘f*cking cuckoo bananas’:

Daily Show host Jon Stewart argued on Tuesday that the letter from 47 Senate Republicans to Iranian leaders wasn’t to warn them about striking a nuclear agreement with President Barack Obama — it was really a warning about the GOP.

“‘You may be able to get Obama to construct a framework of verifiable nuclear limitations in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, but you’ll never sneak this sh*t past us,’” he said, mocking the letter’s tone. “‘We’re f*cking cuckoo! We’re cuckoo bananas!’”

The lawmakers involved in the letter — including prospective presidential candidates Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) — have come under criticism for telling Iran that any deal they reach might not last beyond Obama’s tenure as president.

Stewart also ridiculed the idea that it took much effort for Sen. Tom Cotton (R-OK) to convince his party colleagues to add their names as signatories.

“How did Cotton convince Republicans to publicly undercut our current president? How did he do it?” Stewart asked sarcastically. “It’s the kind of persuasive rhetoric it might take to get, let’s say, an unfixed dog to hump a pillow.”

Unfortunately Stewart continued by playing the same game as many on the right, and pretending that Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria back in 2007, which had right wing heads exploding at the time, is somehow the equivalent of the Senate Republicans actively trying to sabotage ongoing negotiations with Iran and get us into another war if their tactic works.

I do think Stewart had a point when it comes to just how toxic things have become between Republicans and Democrats in Washington and whether they're able to work together, but the finger ought to be pointed squarely in one direction if you're going to assign blame for how it got that way.

STEWART: No matter how evil our president or our Congress believes Iran to be, they would each rather deal with the ayatollah than each other.

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