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So Ted Cruz Thinks Religion Had Nothing To Do With Interracial Marriage Bans?

And they say he's the smart one?

They call Ted Cruz the smart one, but when it comes to his knowledge of the church and bans on interracial marriage, Cruz is clueless.

Of course, while indeed the vast majority of Christians today oppose laws restricting interracial marriages, many Christians at the time used much the same arguments in defense of interracial bans as conservatives do to oppose same-sex marriage today (something one pro-equality pastor demonstrated creatively back in 2012). In fact, one-fifth of white evangelicals and Mississippi and Alabama Republicans still look down upon interracial marriages.

Nonetheless, Ted Cruz said today in an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie that unlike same-sex marriage bans, “there is no religious backing” for interracial marriage bans, and therefore government officials should be allowed to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples if they say issuing such licenses would violate their religious beliefs. He also seemed to suggest that discrimination against interracial couples ended with the Civil War.

Here's the video:

It's a convenient history rewrite, but it's simply not true, and it illustrates how cynical Cruz is about what he says publicly. He counts on the base to hang on his every word, even if it's a flat-out lie.

Cruz should know better. After all, the Tea Party leader announced his presidential campaign at Liberty University, the school founded by Jerry Falwell, one of the fathers of the modern Religious Right movement, who denounced both desegregation and interracial marriages in religious terms.

Cruz can and does know better. He's just banking on the base to trust him on this.

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