Carly Fiorina resorted to just babbling gibberish while helping the anti-abortion zealots and their attack on Planned Parenthood with the release of some highly edited sting videos.
July 27, 2015

Carly Fiorina resorted to just babbling gibberish while helping the anti-abortion zealots and their attack on Planned Parenthood with the release of some highly edited sting videos on this weekend's Fox News Sunday.

For some unknown reason, Emily's List's Jess McIntosh agreed to appear on the air with the former HP executive recently turned 2016 GOP presidential candidate, who the GOP has designated as their official Hillary Clinton attack dog, to debate the issue of abortion among other topics. Why any liberal ever agrees to go on that network at all is beyond me, although Wallace did give McIntosh a fair amount of time to make her points during this segment.

After Wallace played a few portions of the videos that were released by the anti-abortion group, the Center for Medical Progress, Wallace asked McIntosh to weigh in and here's how she responded:

WALLACE: But, then, Ms. McIntosh, the same woman says that she's going to ask the surgeon at this Planned Parenthood facility about violating the protocol about switching procedures in order to get better parts. Isn't that a direct violation of the federal law?

JESS MCINTOSH, EMILY'S LIST: I mean, after hours of talking to this staffer in this dishonestly edited video, they got her to say she would talk to a doctor. That's not an admission of a crime.

Listening to this language is ugly and uncomfortable and I completely understand that. The whole concept of organ donation is a really difficult thing to think about.

But the families that benefit from this life-saving medical research are immensely grateful for kindness that patients do when they donate these things. We're talking about people with loved ones with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. This exact kind of tissue donation was used to make the rabies vaccine, the chicken pox vaccine, the polio vaccine.

This directly relates to American's health. This is life-saving medical research.

Next up, the audience was treated to Fiorina using the actually edited Planned Parenthood videos to try to pretend that the videos of Mitt Romney making his comments about the 47 percent were edited, and throwing in Edward Snowden's name to boot. (I have absolutely no idea what her point was on Snowden. Maybe someone else can figure it out.)

What she failed to mention of course is that the video of Mitt Romney was taken by an ordinary citizen that happened to be tending bar at the Romney private event, in contrast to the Planned Parenthood video which was released by a highly orchestrated group of anti-abortion zealots with political ties.

WALLACE: Let me -- let me bring Ms. Fiorina, because that's certainly one of the points that defenders of this procedure make. Fetal research has been useful in testing drugs, has been useful in finding cures for diseases. The National Institutes of Health spent $76 million on research on fetal tissue. So, you know, you may not like the way it's happening but don't these tissues, don't these organs, go for a good cause?

FIORINA: Well, let's just start with her comment about a heavily edited video. I mean, I find it fascinating that Planned Parenthood, Emily's List and all the rest of the pro-abortion lobby are now suddenly so concerned about a heavily edited video. I don't recall them ever being concerned about a heavily edited video of, say, Mitt Romney at a fund-raiser. I don't remember them being concerned about Edward Snowden. We've had a lot of things where information has come out that we needed to see.

So, instead of going after the people who have put out this video information we clearly need to see, let's talk about the issue here. Of course, they're trying to change the subject. Of course, they're trying to say this is life-saving research.

I just find it amazing that this group of pro-abortion lobbyists continue to say that they are protecting women's health. Really?

Late-term abortion is bad for women's health. They continue to lobby against parental notification. Really? It's protecting a teenager's health that she can go to a tanning salon or get a tattoo without -- with her mother's permission but she can get an abortion without her mother's permission?

This is not about someone else's health. This is about a woman's health, a woman's opportunity to have all of the choices in front of her and it's about a life that she is bearing.

So, let's talk about -- once again, I'm pro-life as you know, Chris, but there are plenty of pro-choice women who are horrified by this as they should be. And, by the way, after-hours honestly, the fact that these officials can sit here swilling their wine, drinking their salad, laughing over getting a Lamborghini and talking about specimens and fetal tissue, I just find it horrifying --

WALLACE: All right. Let me --

FIORINA: -- and the majority of Americans do as well.

Fiorina and her ilk aren't going to be happy until all abortions are illegal in the United States and we're putting women in jail for having them. You know what else is horrifying Carly? How about a woman with a pregnancy that's going to cost her her life or her future reproductive health, and she can't find a doctor willing to help her because they're afraid of landing in prison?

Fiorina also apparently thinks it's alright for someone that's been molested by a family member to have to turn to that same family member to get permission to have an abortion. I find that prospect a bit horrifying myself as well.

And she can pretend that it's not about women's health all she wants, but Planned Parenthood does more to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions than any other organization in the country.

Here are some more of her comments a little later in the segment when Wallace asked her about the services that Planned Parenthood provides.

WALLACE: Let me pick up on that with you Ms. Fiorina. Doesn't Planned Parenthood do a lot of things? If you defund them, aren't you going to lose things likes breast exams and pap smears and HIV tests?

FIORINA: Oh, gee, I thought Obamacare was supposed to take care of that.

I'm so tired of the canard about women's health. There are plenty of places where women can achieve and have these services.

If Planned Parenthood is so concerned about women's health, why don't they accept, for example, federal funding of pregnancy centers, one next door to every single Planned Parenthood clinic, so that women can look at an ultrasound before they choose to have an abortion? Or so that they can have options presented to them if they choose to bring the life into the world?

But, no, Planned Parenthood doesn't want that. Look, this isn't about women's health. This is about Planned Parenthood wanting to preserve their political power so that they can lobby consistently on behalf of pro- abortion Democrats. Why should they be given federal funding? Why should they get federal funding so they can continue to lobby for certain candidates as Emily's List does every single day.

No, this is about the anti-abortion zealots and their political power with the religious right and the extremist base of the GOP. I for one would be shocked if Fiorina actually believes most of what came out of her hateful mouth during this segment. She's a cancer survivor saying she'd rather see fetal tissue from abortions be thrown in the trash as medical waste than used for research to cure disease, and pushing for policies that would take us back to the days of coat hangers and back alley abortions, which tragically is where we already are in large areas of the country where abortion clinics are hundreds of miles away from the women who need those services.

What's shameful is people like Fiorina doing their best to make sure abortions are more commonplace, which they would be if you defund Planned Parenthood, while pretending to care about solving the issue of unplanned pregnancies.

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