July 3, 2015

Marc Thiessen, a former speech writer for Bush 43, weighed in on the cancellation of The Dukes of Hazzard on TV Land. It's not at all surprising that he was as outraged as every other racist on the Right about the call to take down that flag. What distinguished this particular tirade from the others you may have heard, is to whom he allocated the blame for this whole Confederate flag fiasco.

White liberals from big cities like N.Y.C. and California were the ones labeling this flag, that absolutely stands for 'States' Rights' to own slaves, as something offensive. If that were at all true, why is Fox News located in N.Y.C. with all this animosity surrounding them? You'd think they'd scurry off to Biloxi, Ms. or somewhere similar. Wouldn't Fox News be susceptible to contracting liberal sensitivity?

Thiessen proclaims,

What is accomplished by banning The Dukes of Hazzard? We've gone into a miasma of political correctness in this country, and quite frankly this impulse to wash away history is Stalinist...Why would we be following that impulse to erase people from history? I'm speaking to you right now from Washington D.C. which is named for a man who owned slaves, are we going to change our nation's capitol's name?

He continues with other examples like anything having to do with Thomas Jefferson. Megyn chimes in with names of other TV shows that deal with race or the Antebellum South, like All in the Family, The Jeffersons and F Troop. Now we have to eliminate anything with 'a trigger warning.'

What Megyn Kelly fails to understand is that those shows aren't glorifying an offensive symbol, they feature an historical era or a person who is clearly bigoted without romanticizing that person or time. In fact, a viewer watching Archie Bunker in action clearly understands that this man lacks sensitivity who appalls and offends those around him. The Duke Boys drove around in an indestructible car with a giant Confederate Flag on top, a car that symbolized what made the South different from the North: the South would still fight to keep black people enslaved if they could. There's no other interpretation possible, given the fact that it was resurrected at the exact time Southerners fought to keep segregation and deny some Americans civil rights in the late 1950's and 60's.

Both Kelly and Thiessen remind the viewers that the outpouring of support and unity following the AME Church massacre, was a definitive sign that there is no more racism in the South. But, who is sustaining this idea that the South is still filled with racists who have chosen this flag over the American Flag on far too many occasions? Megyn asks,

'Who is causing this and to what end?'

Without any hesitation, Marc replies,

'It's WHITE LIBERALS from places like New York and Los Angeles who want to feel better about themselves. I mean, the fact is, we saw in Charleston the reality of the New South. Black and white united together, there was no discord, they came together, and it's these white liberals from the Northeast and California who are trying to do this?'

Megyn explains that first we must ascertain what the real issue is here. 1.) is it the flag itself, clearly offensive to some, for good reason? or 2.) is it a general disdain for or a negative perception of the PEOPLE who live in the South? Taking the bait, Thiessen says,

"That's exactly what it is, it's not about a flag, it's the people who live in the South. It's a perception among these people in the elites, that all Southerners are racists and bigots who basically agree with the Charleston shooter and what he did. And as we saw in Charleston, that is absolutely untrue.'

The ex-mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young, told the never racist folks at Glenn Beck's The Blaze that the problem isn't the flag, it's blacks killing each other, just like the Fox pundits have been saying all along. White people aren't killing blacks. Black on black and white on white crime is the REAL problem. Of course we don't count the times that white people have enacted terror and murder on black people.

Young, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said the “challenge” facing the country is “not to wipe out our past history but to learn to live together in the future.”

There's never a shortage of soundbites from African-Americans who magically agree with Fox's right-wing racist position, so that means they are validated.

Perhaps TV Land went a little too far by pulling The Dukes from television. But by doing so, we get a close look into the psyche of a right-wing Republican: anyone who is glorifying racism will be unfairly 'bullied' by politically correct liberals, and that apparently isn't a good thing. What's so ironic, this is exactly a case where we let Capitalism work and let the market decide how a corporation acts. Fox 'News' would be applauding if they weren't the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

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