Leave it to the yappers on Fox's Cashin' In to not only defend the South Carolina cop who slammed a female student to the ground, but also find a way to blame the whole thing on liberals as well.
October 31, 2015

Leave it to the yappers on Fox's Cashin' In to not only defend the South Carolina cop who slammed a female student to the ground, but also find a way to blame the whole thing on liberals as well.

Here's how host Eric Bolling started things off during the segment this Saturday:

BOLLING: There's something no one's talking about here. Before the teacher called for the officer, the student defied the teacher, and no one raised an eyebrow. Now Jessica, this is not about justifying what the cop did. This is about why more kids don't seem to respect authority figures like teachers and cops.

TARLOV: I think it's awful that we're scapegoating this back onto the child. I mean, yes, she could have complied, but that doesn't mean that in any way we can justify what the cop was doing here. It goes beyond excessive force. He was showing no respect for her. And what value is that sending out to the community saying that law enforcement can just pick up a kid and throw them?

We've also spent way more time investigating the officer's past. People talk about he won an excellence award last year. He was cleared of civil rights charges. No one is talking about what is going on with that little girl. She actually is in foster care. No one is talking about what her experience is. That officer should have cleared the room and talked to her one on one. I don't care about disrupting the rest of the class.

BOLLING: Let me cut you off, sorry Jessica. I don't mean to disrespect your authority here, but Wayne, back in the day Wayne, I mean look, kids respected parents. They respected the teachers. They respected coaches. That seems to be out the window Wayne.

ROGERS: Yes it is, and you wonder why Eric that the abuse of authority is taken before (unintelligible). In other words, that cop whether he was right or wrong or the little girl did something right or wrong, the fact of the matter is that she had no respect whatsoever for him. She didn't stop what she was doing. She didn't protest. She didn't do any of those things, and that's a climate that we have in the United States today of challenging all authority, that the authority may be right, but who cares.

BOLLING: Right, and Jon, I teach my son, and he's seventeen years old, and I've taught him since he was a baby, you respect the cop. I don't care what happened, you think the cop is wrong. You think you're being unjustly talked to or searched or whatever, you respect that man or woman, and that's not seeming to be the culture now though.

HOENIG: That's it Eric. I mean, Jessica says the cop should have cleared the room and talked with the student. A cop is force. That's the police. That's what the law is. So if you don't obey the police, you should expect that force will be used against you. And there is a tremendous breakdown in our society.

I happen to think a lot of this started with really the rise of the progressive movement, the modern progressive movement in the 1960's. All these things like food stamps, welfare, mandatory drug laws, affirmative action, of course the terrible public schools, that is what contributes to I think the home environment, if you will, that Jessica alluded to.

After Bolling and their other panel member, Michelle Fields chimed in and continued to justify what the cop did to the student, their one faux "liberal" Jessica Tarlov had finally had enough, and blasted the lot of them:

TARLOV: On what planet is this an appropriate punishment? It's not about that. Jonathan is using terms, "You should expect excessive force." I'm sorry. What planet are we on?!?

Which of course was met by moans and groans and denials from the lot of them, pretending they weren't doing exactly what everyone just heard them doing, which is justifying the use of force against that girl. Sadly, of course, Tarlov wasn't just as outraged about the ridiculous remarks Hoenig made about liberals being to blame for her home life or for being the root cause of the incident, but playing the incompetent fake "liberal" who gets beat up on by the rest of them is what they pay her for, so I don't expect anything more.

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