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New X-Files Reboot Was One Hot Mess

Let's hope the second episode of new X-Files makes more sense than the pilot.

I was a huuuuge X-Files fan when the series started back in 1993, so I was stoked to see that FOX was bringing it back for a six part limited run. And after watching Gillian Anderson in the excellent first season of "The Fall," (Netflix) made it all the more alluring. However, the pilot episode Chris Carter wrote and directed called "My Struggle," was a disappointing mess, that was over stuffed with exposition and Alex Jones type conspiracy nonsense, that called into question the entire X-Files mythology.

Joel McHale (wonderful in Community) was completely miscast and unconvincing as a right wing talk show gasbag, and the idea that Mulder so quickly bought his "one world government" take over theories using flying saucers was nonsensical, even if Mulder is terribly depressed. What, no Flying Spaghetti Monsters?

Carter then flew in an ending that was reminiscent of The Erlenmeyer Flask. He also gave us a brief scene of Assistant Director Skinner, (how long does a guy have to wait to get a promotion?) who reopens the X-Files because he's been pining to see Mulder since he left the agency years ago was hard to take seriously, even though it was good to see him too.

And then we get a brief appearance by the supposedly dead Smoking Man, who is now smoking through a tube in his neck, was equally ridiculous.

The second episode runs tonight and I do hope it rebounds.

Zach Handlen at the AVClub, who liked the pilot episode better than I did, promises good things are coming.

  • If “My Struggle” left you completely cold, there’s still hope; I’ve seen tomorrow night’s episode, and it’s very solid stuff indeed. (And I haven’t even watched next week’s episode by Darin Morgan, which I’ve heard is fantastic.)

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