May 14, 2016

At first glance, Anne Graham Lotz looks like the typical Republican Stepford Wife. However, with the blood of Billy Graham coursing through her veins, she was always destined for grifting greatness. She agreed to spar with Alan Colmes about her acceptance of Donald Trump as the nominee on his program, Versus. Anne is an exceptionally powerful and malevolent 'Evangelical,' highly regarded among this demographic of the fringe right, because she hates SOOOOO good, and being a Graham makes her famous among the faithful .

This KEEP The FAITH publication, which prepares its highly indoctrinated readers for the imminent End Days, gushes over Billy Graham's female spawn:

The New York Times has described Lotz as one of the five most influential evangelists in the United States. Credible evangelical voices are increasingly suggesting that we are near the end of time. In her gentle way, influential Lotz is laying the foundation for eventual demands for a Sunday law to get the nation back to God.

If you delve into Lotz's misanthropic history, you'can see why she's so popular among the 'faithful.' Her crusades against LGBT equality and rights, and for creating a Christian Theocracy (a.k.a. American Taliban), are crowd-pleasers indeed. Her outrageous rationale for 9-11 perhaps topped some of her grifter colleagues. Graham Lotz claimed that the tragedy was the result of infuriating her benevolent deity, because we allowed people to actually teach the 'theory' of evolution.

Alan Colmes asked the Stepford Grift how it's possible to be so accepting of Donald Trump's phony Biblical devotion. He reminds her of his notorious, philandering past and the fact that he's been married three times, and how

COMES: ...he cheated on his first wife, and told his second wife that he divorced her by sticking the New York Post under the door because he didn't tell her directly. I don't see how you call that a 'Godly' person.

She drifted off into fantasy momentarily, pining for the day when that perfect, Godly person will be interviewing for the job, in the flesh.

ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ: And one day I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come back and rule this world like it was meant to be ruled, but until then, we are all sinners. I believe that everyone, including Mr. Trump, is redeemable.

She's so awesome that she will even pray for a Democrat, should that unfortunate outcome occur.

Whoever that person is, I will pray for them. I believe God can equip and bless a person if they turn to 'Him.'

When she said, 'rule this world like it was meant to be ruled' I was a little frightened because what Anne envisions as that 'utopia' is vastly unlike a real ideal society. It is likely a return to Old Testament misogyny and indiscriminate divine genocide, which would target those unfortunate souls who have a little too much melanin.

Everyone in the GOP, even far-right Evangelicals, must swallow a heaping dose of orange ipecac syrup, to evacuate the mental and physical opposition to this ridiculous excuse for a candidate from their bodies. Trump, although hard to swallow, will be molded to fit the image of what the devoted will buy. Because of the pliable nature of those who are willing to fall for the Graham-brand of Evangelical supremacy, they will not only accept Trump, but will adore him as a morally superior being and their candidate, who will Make America White Great Again.

Alan didn't give up and let her off the hook so easily. He asked his Evangelical sparring partner about Trump's unholy past, which no other right-leaning host on Fox News would dare mention. Colmes wonders if Evangelicals are worried because Trump has stated that he has never asked for forgiveness. Why should someone so narcissistic and conceited need such a superfluous admission of wrongdoing? He finished off his left hook sequence by mentioning a few of the salacious admissions that Trump said on Howard Stern. Trump has always bragged about his sex life, more specifically,

that Trump considered his venereal disease his own Vietnam, rather than serving in the military. I don't see how he fits the profile of whom an Evangelical can support.

These red flag-raising points should concern voters who are weary of authoritarian dictators. Momentarily, it did make her a bit uncomfortable. But she's a pro and she could only laugh, to stall for time. Guess what she said?

You guessed it. She went back to the old standby, "that's why I pray for him," which absolves her of any actual thinking. Just pray. And send her money. Lots of it. Praying better and more godly than you is very expensive. Apparently, so is cosmetic surgery.

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