Michele Fiore's 'Unofficial Police Romance' Is Just Wrong
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May 12, 2016

I do miss the days before the first Bundy Standoff, April, 2014. It was at that time that Americans first caught a glimpse of Nevada's gun-crazed, self-righteous, semi-literate Teabagger. Las Vegas Republican Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore can credit her notoriety to this Chris Hayes interview.

Recently, Fiore sat down with KTNX reporter David Schuman, who also covered her infamous holiday calendar. Her family's ridiculous arsenal of guns, worn as a charming holiday accessory, were profuse in every damned calendar month.

There's always so much more with Fiore. We are treated to more odd dialogue by Fiore. From that interview, courtesy of Wonkette.

Super smart Nevada Assemblywoman and actual candidate for Congress Michele Fiore caused a bit of a stir last week when she said in a TV interview that it’s a really good idea to draw your gun on cops if they point a gun at you, because self-defense. Well! That is not what she meant at all; that is not it, at all. So in an interview that aired Monday, Fiore sat down with KTNV reporter Schuman to clarify that she would never, ever draw a gun on REAL law enforcement officers, only on the fake wannabe cops who work for the federal government, who actually are not law enforcement officers at all because she says so.

Here's the full interview where she imparts her latest ammosexual idiocy upon us.

Fiore is the self-professed, straight shootin', Jeebus loving savior of any moron who festoons a Make America Great Again hat, shirt, bumper sticker etc. She provided classy photo of her bra gun holster, so never fear, she has quick and easy access to her guns. Then maybe she can get to killing all those dreaded Syrian Refugees, as she promised she would.

Fiore is super proud of this 2006 movie. Credit: IMDB.com
Unless she's beyond clueless, she has to know that we really view her as a star in the forty-something mom-genre of soft-porn, as well as her penchant for the Confederate Flag and a total denial of racism; her convoluted views on rape prevention; arming toddlers;her committal of fraud in her own 'home healthcare business.' We won't even get into all the details of her role in the Malheur seige in Oregon where she was one of the co-conspirators.

She's the favorite politician of LEOs, because there's nothing the cops like more than a society with way too many guns. She claims,

(Las Vegas) Metro PD has endorsed me for my past two elections, my past two sessions, and you have a liberal blog like Think Progress come and attack me because I'm pro-police?

Oh, she's pro-police, alright. And no, Michele, liberals are absolutely not 'anti-law enforcement.' We are anti-racist, unlike you.

Fiore has another very good reason not to fear the real cops of the real Metro police, because she’s boning one. As RawStory puts it, ever so delicately,

She laughed at the idea that “real law enforcement” from Metro police would ever point their guns at her, saying that she had an “unofficial romantic friend” on the force.

Metro is not going to be pointing a gun at me, period,” Fiore said. “You know, if any of our Metro police officers are pointing anything at me, it definitely isn’t their gun.

She smacked her lips suggestively but declined to offer specifics about this “romantic friend.”

After reading that, I can't stop thinking of this Billy Crystal quote from Throw Momma From the Train.

Slut, she's a slut, look at her, slut!

Fiore clearly evidenced her mandatory membership to the Pathological American Republican Liars Club with her crazy claims of gunless protesters, you know, those pacifists from groups like The Oath Keepers and Richard Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs (CSPOA). During the interview, she asserted that the BLM standoff made her especially apoplectic because:

“These folks were pointing long rifles at cowboys on horses that were unarmed,” Fiore said. “These folks were pointing guns at women and children in the wash that were unarmed. The only people that saved that day was our Metro police officers that literally made the BLM back down.”

Heavily armed militia members who flocked to the standoff set up sniper positions against BLM agents — who gave up on efforts to round up Bundy’s cattle over concerns about public safety.

Credit: Breitbart.com

Do these look like peaceful, defenseless helpers? Hardly!

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