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Why Is CNN Being Praised For Doing Journalism?

CNN chyron fact check has been earning enormous praise, but shouldn't it have been the normal from the start?

During yesterday's edition of CNN’s “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan,” they did something that has been sorely lacking so far from a news network. They actually fact checked Donald Trump in the chyron during a segment about his policies.

At first I applauded this as so many of my online brethren did also.

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But on further review, I find that this is a very distressing story.

Since Donald Trump started his campaign, he's been contradicting himself on a plethora of topics as the mood strikes him. Whether it's if the military will obey illegal orders, kicking out all undocumented workers, H-1B visas, absorbing Syrian refugees, banning all Muslims, knowing David Duke, keep or tear up Iran nuclear deal, positions on Obamacare, punishing women for abortions, just to name a few.

The media, for the most part has chosen to cover him for the sensational elements his campaign brings to the table, maximizing their ratings, but up until recently didn't hold him accountable like any other candidate would have been for their actions.

The fact that CNN is being celebrated for this "chyron fact check" exposes the flaws in delivering news and real journalism into the main stream of our society as well as undermining the credibility of journalism. This has allowed Donald Trump to get away with these antics and never have to pay a price for his actions.

This has been benefiting Trump, but not the American voter.

If CNN continues fact checking Trump in the chyron, it hopefully will bubble up into the rest of the media since they tend to copy rather than create.

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All TV news outlets should have been following something close to this model that CNN introduced so that voters get to see the real picture, instead of only having surrogates on to battle out the merits of any given story.

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