This caller knows he's not allowed to propose "second amendment solutions" on a radio show, so he doesn't. But he gets that point across to Glenn Beck anyway.
August 25, 2016

Lawrence O'Donnell had Glenn Beck, yes, that Glenn Beck, on Last Word Wednesday night. Beck got a chance to promote his latest anti "Liberal" book, which might outsell Coulter's now that Trump has 'softened' on immigration.

Or has he? Isn't that the million dollar question? O'Donnell opens the segment with a caller to Glenn Beck's radio program, "Nate from Virginia," who clearly has some not-too-hidden second amendment remedies waiting for Trump if he doesn't build the wall:

“Thank you for one of the spookiest phone calls I think I’ve ever received,” replies Beck.

O'Donnell then does the book promo and allows Beck to re-brand himself. This is where everyone is going after Trump loses, folks. There won't be any Republicans anymore, and Tea Party is old, so you'll have "constitutionalists" and "pro-growth reasonables" and "alt-right" and "originalists." Anything to avoid being associated with the failure that is that whole entire group.

More on that in another post.

But then Glenn Beck talks about three of his callers. Caller one is this guy who says Trump had better build the wall "or else." Caller two says no Trump is lying about that just to get elected but really he'll do better something something terrific. Caller three said Trump has his own language. Beck points out that Trump is "this empty vessel that the angry and disenfranchised are saying, ah ha! he's like me!"

Glenn Beck then says Donald Trump is extremely dangerous and will hurt democracy. All good, until we realize he'll be stumping for Ted Cruz in 2020. Good luck with that, Glenn.

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