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CNN's McEnany: It's Trump Supporters Versus Black Panthers With Guns At The Polling Places!

After interjecting a racist idea for voter fraud, a CNN Trump surrogate claims the other guests are being racist.

CNN analyst and Trump surrogate, Kayleigh McEnany revealed Donald Trump's plans for his followers on election day after claiming there's massive voter fraud being perpetrated agaimst his candidacy.

She told CNN's Don Lemon that Trump wants his people vigilant and on the lookout for "New Black Panthers outside with guns, essentially like intimidating people from coming into the polls."

In other words, "fear the Black man."

Don Lemon read off a few of Trump's crazed tweets during the 2012 election, including this one:

If you experience any harassment or heckling at the polling places from Obama supporters, make sure you report it immediately.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2012

Lemon then asked Kayleigh if she now understands why Trump's new claims of voter fraud are causing such a forceful reaction by so many.

McEnany refused to buy his premise.

Lemon then said, "He's setting up the scenario that he's losing, otherwise he wouldn't be saying it's a rigged process, because if he wins --"

She replied, "I think he's setting up a scenario where he wants supporters to be vigilant. He doesn't want a scenario where there's New Black Panthers outside with guns, essentially like intimidating people from coming into the polls. He wants people to be on the lookout."

Holy sh*t!

This is as laughable as it is disturbing. Fox News ran a video and story during election day in 2008, where they used one polling location in Philly, an all black neighborhood and claimed the New Black Panthers were intimidating the entire election process.

The idea that he new Black Panthers are everywhere to intimidate you is simply stoking racist paranoia.

Peter Beinart jumped on her words and said, "I think you just let -- I think you just let us in on what's really going on here, right? This is a guy who, you know, prosecuted a racist campaign against -- to delegitimize our first African-American president, and now for the last few months he's been talking again and again about voter fraud.

Where does this all of this voter fraud take place? Amazingly, only in urban areas populated by you know who, so he's going to delegitimize Hillary Clinton's victory because she won based on black voters. Only black people, like Black Panther Party people commit voter fraud?"

She then claimed Beinart was the one being racist after she used the new BLACK Panthers as her roadmap for Trump supporters to commit voter intimidation.

She said, "Only you could inject race into a conversation that has nothing to do with race."

This caused the panel to laugh at her.

The claims of massive voter fraud by Donald Trump are ridiculous and odious, but also are very dangerous.

Kayleigh is privy to all the Trump camp conversations with other top surrogates and this must be what they are discussing.

You may have forgotten, that Fox News' Megyn Kelly, before she moved to nights, was a big driver of this story months after the election was over.


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