October 1, 2016

Right wing yapper Hugh Hewitt showed up for some more punishment from actual TV Journalist, Joy Ann Reid on her weekend show, AM JOY. In a futile attempt to distract from the horrible stop and frisk policy that Donald Drumpf is now pushing, Joy put the kibosh on Hugh's typical attempt to change the subject, a tactic used by all Trump surrogates and supporters. Joy throws down a few facts that disprove his assertion that crime is up and more rampant than ever.

JOY REID: Crime in the 30 largest cities. We have from the FBI uniform crime reports from 1990 to 2014 and the Brendan center put these numbers together and you can see the direction that crime is going and yet, you have Rudy Giuliani who's become one of the chief surrogates for Donald Trump at this rally in Waukesha, almost no African-Americans, this was Rudy Giuliani Wisconsin on Wednesday. Take a listen.

Joy showed the audience this graphic to prove how badly Giuliani and the rest of the Trumpian SS are lying.

Credit: screenshot

RUDY GUILIANI: Decided in 1968, stop and frisk is constitutional. Donald Trump's description was totally correct. Hillary Clinton's saying that the court found stop and frisk to be unconstitutional was wrong, and worst of all, Lester Holt backed her up. What's he, our campaign manager or a journalist?

JOY REID: Three things on this, Hugh Hewitt. Referencing 1968, which seems just a clear and unambiguous throwback, we'll go back to the era of the 1960s. He's a former US Attorney, former mayor. Just plainly wrong, factually wrong and a contempt for our judicial system to basically portend that a ruling, a federal judge's ruling on stop and frisk never actually happened. Is this any way to expand the base of the Donald Trump voter cohort and of the Republican Party?

HUGH HEWITT: Well, Joy. A couple of facts. Stop and frisk generally is not unconstitutional. As it was practiced in New York, it was decided by the federal district court was because it was motivated by an impermissible racial bias... Just before we came on the air, I saw the news story of the leaked Hillary Clinton audio saying the Bernie sanders supporters are living in the parent's basements.

JOY REID: What does that have to do with the discussion with stop and frisk? That's a helluva non-sequitur.

HUGH HEWITT: Takes a second. You got to bring in different voting groups, not lose them. What Donald Trump is trying to bring in victims of crime or people afraid of crime. What Hillary Clinton's been trying to do is bring in millennials. His approach probably worked for his target audience in the debate. Her approach to try to appeal to Millennials, via the Miss Universe controversy has just been radically undercut by this audio which I think will dominate the next 24 to 48 hours.

Joy dismisses his prediction that Millennials will be swayed by audio which was already revealed during the Democratic primaries, and revisiting old news won't make them vote for the Dr├╝mpenf├╝hrer. Once again, after insulting African-Americans with the coded 'law and order' language, the deplorable Hugh Hewitt, shlock journalist, shows his deeply flawed logic.

Hugh Hewitt thinks that Bernie's supporters are as myopic and bitter as the average poorly educated Trump voter, the main difference is Trump's people are thrilled to let their racism shine, at least until November. No one ever called Bernie's supporters racist, for good reason.

Hewitt can't possibly want a Trump victory. His financial well-being and future are hinged on a Hillary Clinton victory, so he's set for the next four to eight years, so it's hard to believe anything he says. Right Wingers love when a Democrat is in office, every time.

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