November 2, 2016

Forget P***ygate! Once Donald Trump gets to the White House, he will be totally presidential, Fox News wants you to think. Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth managed to keep a straight face when he made that argument today on Fox & Friends

Judging from this hilarious discussion, the Trump campaign must be very worried about Hillary Clinton’s recent “Daisy” ad. It features the now-adult “daisy” girl from the most famous political ad ever. In the 1964 ad, Lyndon Johnson suggested his opponent would start a nuclear war. In Clinton’s very damning ad, Monique Corzilius Luiz talks about how she fears Donald Trump will start a nuclear war. Also included is very disturbing footage of Trump looking frighteningly happy-go-lucky and impetuous on the subject.

Not surprisingly, Fox edited out the most damning parts of the ad, the clips of Trump’s cavalier attitude toward nukes. That left time for host Kilmeade to “ask” if there shouldn’t be “concern” about Hillary Clinton because of how she has handled classified information and, of course, because of Benghazi.

Concerns about Clinton? Sure, I've got them. But they're nothing compared to Trump’s nuke bombs a-go-go seen in the ad.

However, that false equivalence was nothing compared to the Trump shilling that came next.

In fact, the whole segment seemed a set up to promote talking points straight from the Trump campaign. Except that Hegseth, apparently, didn’t quite pull it off. So Kilmeade stepped in to make what sounded like a pre-scripted argument for him.

HEGSETH: There’s nothing about [Trump’s] background, as a business leader or otherwise, that would lead anyone to believe that he would not do anything but things that are prudent, when it comes to high-pressure situations.

KILMEADE: So, Pete what you’re saying is, you notice how thin-skinned he could be with the Paul Ryans of the world, with the Ted Cruzes of the world, with the Hillary Clintons of the world. But you’re saying don’t look at his relationships, look at how he does in business; has he thrown business deals in the street because he’s so-called thin-skinned or irrational?

HEGSETH: Sure. I mean, there have been moments in this campaign where we’ve all had pause but if you look at his business record, you look at those who’ve spent time with him when he is briefed on these critical issues, they say he is thoughtful, he internalizes it, he goes through a decision-making process.

Ultimately, what do you want, though, in the contrast? Do you want a slightly unpredictable patriot in Donald Trump or do you want the corrosive and calculated corruption of Hillary Clinton who we know has ties to business interests around the globe that are not focused on America?

Kilmeade did acknowledge that “tactically,” the ad was a “good move” for Clinton because, “She has a 20-point advantage on who would be more secure when it comes to putting their hand on the nuclear button.”

Kilmeade also asked Hegseth, “Does it bother you at all, Pete, that he says he knows more than most generals?”

No, it didn't.

HEGSETH: That’s the way Donald Trump speaks. He’s talking about the gut. He’s talking about the fact that he says, listen, I’m going to fight to win. I’m gonna untie the hands, I’m gonna get rid of political correctness. That’s what he’s talking about, not that I have more tactical sense than generals.

Actually, Trump has said he has more tactical sense than the generals. As I wrote in a post for Liberal America, Trump has complained about how the military has handled the current military operation in Mosul. When a retired Army colonel and former dean at the Army War College responded by saying Trump’s comments show he “doesn’t know a damn thing about military strategy,” Trump shot back, “I’ll sit down and I’ll teach him a couple of things.”

But who you gonna believe? Fox or your lyin’ eyes?

Watch this Fox News propaganda above, from the November 1, 2016 Fox & Friends.

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