Fox’s Tammy Bruce Calls Feminists ‘Anti-Woman’ For Being Mean To Ivanka And Melania Trump

Never mind that Donald Trump has boasted about being a sexual predator, that he’s a misogynist with profoundly anti-woman policies nor that his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka not only continue to support him but have used their relationship to try to cash in big league. According to Fox News “feminist” Tammy Bruce, women should be supportive of the Trump women anyway.

As it does when it drags out Alveda King to scold African-Americans, Fox uses conservative, lesbian "feminist" Bruce to attack women.

Usually, those who promote the anti-feminist messages on Fox News are hard-core anti-feminists such as Suzanne Venker and Susan Patton. And that's why it was interesting to see Tammy Bruce, who was once president of the Los Angeles NOW chapter, aid and abet the feminist bashing.

Bruce seems to be obsessed with liberal "bullies." She previously targeted the LGBT community which, she asserted, is a "gay Gestapo" and is "turning into a bunch of fascist bullies." She was very critical of "thugs" in the LGBT community who got upset at Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. And, as seen on last Thursday's Fox & Friends, she has turned her sights on feminists who - you guessed it - are acting like a bunch of bullies

Cohost Brian Kilmeade immediately framed the very important Fox message right in his introduction: "It's one thing to attack the president, but our next guest says the latest attacks on Ivanka and the first lady reveal just how anti-woman the so-called feminist movement has really become." After introducing a grinning Bruce, he continued to push the propaganda with a typically leading Fox question: "In what way is feminism hypocritical?"

Bruce provided her feminist creds and spoke about the original intent of feminism to improve the lives of women but, she claimed, "It has now become a cudgel, it has become a dividing line for the left to use against women who, you either conform and pay allegiance to that agenda or you become the other." (Sounds like Fox News, but I digress...) Those who become the other "must be punished," she continued, "And so the attacks on, frankly, all the Trump women: the first lady, Ivanka, and even Tiffany, who is a perfectly lovely young woman, being shunned at a New York fashion week, dynamic." Bruce added her trademark whine: "The left has turned into bullies."

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Kilmeade agreed. He also "explained" for the viewers that nobody wanted to sit next to Tiffany at Fashion Week - a claim that seems to have been DEBUNKED. He cited other examples of supposed anti-Trump bullying.

Bruce claimed that there are "multiple fronts in the attempt to de-legitimize and destroy the individuals which is now the entire Trump family, apparently, for daring to not conform, for daring to want to change the system." Was she this concerned about Donald's and Melania's birtherism, which was an attempt to destroy then-President Barack Obama?

After Bruce continued gushing over the Trump women, the discussion turned to bashing a New York Times reporter, the son of Carl Bernstein, who referred to Melania Trump as a "hooker." Nobody mentioned that he apologized for his tweet.

Kilmeade closed the discussion by saying, "They don't deserve what they're getting."

By the way, Whoppi Goldberg offered to sit beside Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week. Wonder if Fox knows that?

Watch the feminist trashing and Trump worship on Fox & Friends, Thursday, February 16th above.

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