March 8, 2018

Stacey Dash kicked off her vanity campaign for Congress today by giving her first interview to...Ari Melber. Clearly she wasn't actually interested in courting voters in California's 44th Congressional District as much as she was looking for free air time, which he gave her, for some inexplicable reason.

Dash will be running against incumbent Democrat Nanette Barragán in a district encompassing Compton and Carson.

Dash managed to look as clueless and FoxNewsian as she is.

In response to a question about what appeal she might have to people living in that district who appear to be fairly satisfied with their current representation, Dash claimed that she would be a "catalyst for change," making sure that everyone in the district "is given the opportunity to achieve their god-given right, the American dream."

Cue fuzzy flags flying in the background and low patriotic hymns underneath her words.

When asked about Jeff Sessions' ugly speech in California yesterday, Dash offered a simple solution: "I think that we have to respect law enforcement, we have to respect laws."

When asked to expand, she said, "That's it."

She was unable to carry on any substantive discussion about the actual reasons why it isn't that simple, so Melber moved on to a new topic: gun control.

He asked her: "There was a state rule here that was passed that did several things including limiting ammunition sales, making sure that there are background checks for ammunition and that passed with 63% approval in your state. Do you support those kind of gun control measures?"

Her answer was again simplistic, without nuance, and clearly without deep thought.

"I support the Bill of Rights," she told Ari. "That's what I support."

Except, that yes, it really is tragic. Sort of, in a simplistic evangelical phony kind of way.

"I think it goes deeper than gun laws," she said. "I think it goes to moral integrity. And I think that runs from family, you know, family is the key. And parenting and being aware of mental illnesses and taking care of those issues."

Yeah, it's never the guns with these types. Never. It's always everything but the machines of mass death.

Onward. "Should Obamacare be fully repealed?" asked Melber.


"So what happens then to the people who lose health insurance?"

"Of course there will be another solution. But Obamacare is not working. We know that," she said, without any regard for the people in that district who now have health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act.

When asked what the other solution was, Dash had no idea, instead saying she was "going to go and listen and pay attention and have a dialogue" while millions died for lack of health care.

"You won't tell us yet what the solution is," Melber asked.


Alrighty then. Here's one last moment worth watching. It's that moment when Stacey Dash endorses the "there are good people who are also Nazis" defense of the Charlottesville tragedy.

"I think there's blame on both sides," Dash said. "You look at both sides, I think there's blame on both sides. And I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either."

So it was okay for Nazis to tromp through a Virginia town and ultimately have one of them kill a counterprotester then. Voters, take note.

But Dash had more opinions on this than she did on the Affordable Care Act! Wait for it...

On Trump's comments about very good people on both sides, Dash expanded her thoughts.

"No, I think he's absolutely right," she decided. "There were two extreme sides. And here's what it boils down to, our rights. They had a right to assemble. Both sides had a right. But they were both extremes. And here's where I said in the beginning, we have to listen to each other, if we do not listen, there will be no solutions."

Ari pressed the issue. "If the white supremacists were the hate on one side, what was the hate that would be equivalent to that on the other side? That's what has enraged so many people about Donald Trump's statements, it was the white supremacists that organized those rallies," he explained.

"I'm not saying that there was hate on the other side or I'm justifying hate on the other side," Dash insisted. "What I'm saying what their constitutional right was, they were exercising that. There should be no hate at all. Hate is not the answer for anything."

But there was. And she seems to lack the intellectual rigor to acknowledge that.

Back and forth they went, but to no avail. Ari presents the fact that Trump said there was blame on both sides, but only one side was the hate group, and Dash just refused to acknowledge that white supremacists were a thing at all.

Trying one last time, Melber asked, "When he says there are good people on both sides, good people at the white supremacist rally, do you co-sign that? "

"I'm not here to judge, the only one who can judge is God," she huffed. "Do I know every person in the neo-Nazi party, if they have a good heart or not? No, I do not."

Stacey, neo-Nazis do not have good hearts. I'm just sayin'. If you cannot bend your mind around this, I cannot help you learn.

Ari closed out the segment by asking her if she is a "clueless" person or a "legally blonde" person.

You'll have to watch to see what she said. Suffice it to say, her answer to that was about as smart as all the others.

I'm not sure she's even Fox News worthy, much less ready to run for office.

Celebrities make poor politicians. Let Stacey Dash stand as testimony to that.

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