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Fox News Has A New Ad Campaign And It's Hilarious

You thought "Fair and Balanced" was a joke?

Fox News is about to undergo a rebranding, and "America's Newsroom" hosts Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith can barely keep their pants on, they're so excited about it!

Now that Fox has "settled" their schedule for upcoming months (bye sexual harassers Ailes, O'Reilly, and that guy from The Five, Eric Bolling)'s time to celebrate Fox News and its viewers by promising 'Real news. Real honest opinion'.

The tag line of the teaser for the new marketing plan? "It's about to get real..."

OMG does that mean Fox will actually cover the porn star bribery from the Oval Office? Because that would be neat-o!

I took this image of my TV set the day Michael Flynn plead guilty. Check the bottom of the screen this is not a photoshop.

So instead of endless Uranium One, "California Sanctuary Cities coming to murder your children," and "Louis Farakhan and Barack Obama stole America" stories to distract from the Trump indictments, we're about to "get real"?

Because Russiagate Summer might cut into your ratings unless you convince the Barcalounger seniors that you're going to offer up "real news."

Not so fast. AdAge:

In the campaign, Fox News highlights both the journalistic side and opinion side of the business.

"Fox is the one place where dissent is allowed," Tucker Carlson says in one of the spots.

Martha Maccallum says, "We are going to ask the tough questions because there is a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged."

Oh okay.

More lies, same as it ever was.


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