Hugh Hewitt actually argues that if the Democrats win back the House and/or Senate, it will "further stoke the culture wars." Peace at all costs, people!
Hugh Hewitt Insists That We Vote Republican Even If We Hate Trump
The Hugh Hewitt Cyborg Now in Full-Blown Thrash ModeCredit: Driftglass
August 2, 2018

In the latest chapter of  "The Adventures of the Hugh Hewitt -- The Cyborg Sent from the Future to Destroy America", Mr. Hewitt finally gives up his doomed attempts to mimic human emotions and goes into a full-blow, raving Thrash Mode.

From me, seven years ago, "...[Thrashing is] a state in which (according to my own, very loose and civilian-friendly definition) a CPU becomes overloaded with so many simultaneous and conflicting demands for system resources that the computer loses its ability to process information, priorities and instructions altogether and basically gives up and starts flailing around randomly."

Like every other Republican, once Mr. Hewitt decided to go all in on defending the blatantly indefensible no matter how openly batshit and treasonous it became, it was inevitable that his "reasoning" would become little more than a gussied-up version of the unhinged ravings of everyone's Crazy Uncle Liberty.

And thus we find Mr. Hewitt -- who is still a paid Washington Post columnist and still under-contract with NBC -- red-lining Beltway Both Siderism so hard that he blows the engine, catches fire, and runs around the track shrieking in his now-unmodulated voice -- 

-- that all Liberals are deranged and no matter what Donald Trump does, Democratic House and Senate majorities would be infinitely worse because all Democrats are dirty Commie lunatics.

From the Washington Post:

Even if you loathe Trump, vote Republican

Democratic House and Senate majorities will only further stoke culture wars.


And if you happen to hear contradictory things from non-Republican approved sources, well that's nothing but the Libtard media lying to you.  So thank God Donald Trump has arrived to rip their mask off!

Many of those unwritten rules are better off demolished — or at least left naked in the public square — including, especially, the overwhelming liberal bias in legacy media, save for Fox News. Twitter feeds have become the best indicator of what the members of the media actually think. The collective mask hasn’t just slipped, it’s been ripped off...

Because “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real people!

“Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real. 

And all the mountains of irrefutable evidence proving that Trump's cabinet is a dungheap of corruption, racism, incompetence and sadism?  More Libtard lies!

The president has, however, surrounded himself with superb Cabinet members...

And on the off-chance that you are careless enough to let a little of the Liberal Media Conspiracy leak into your lightless ideological bunker, just remember that Democrats are so much worse that it is still your patriotic duty to get out there and support the Party of Trump:

This coalition hasn’t been easy, but the GOP will be fine. But what Trump has done to the Democrats and the establishment media won’t be undone for a long time. He has radicalized both into engines of extremist rhetoric and policy...

After all, Trump is really no different than Obama:

Trump intentionally incites his opponents with mockery and disdain. So did Barack Obama...

And Democrats are crazy extreme crazies full of crazy talk!

Electing Democrats to a majority in the House or the Senate at the height of the party’s lurch left would be a disaster: Impeachment, demands for massive income tax hikes and the effort to abolish ICE would follow...

Long before Donald Trump slouched down the Escalator of Doom and took up residence in Hugh Hewitt's cardiac-simulation unit, I wrote that "The Republican strategy for the Fall was, is, and will continue to be to contaminate the public discourse with so many lies, bluster, faux outrage and irrelevant jetsam that the sheer avalanche of it will overwhelm the swing voters (on whom this election turns) and crush the media."

In the years since, the only thing that has really changed is that creatures like Hugh Hewitt have finally given up any pretense that they are, in any meaningful, moral sense, human.

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