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Elie Mystal Gets Serious About Greenland ... But Not How You Think

Elie Mystal and Philippe Reines get serious about Greenland...and climate change

Last week it was reported that Donald Trump asked if it was possible for the United States to buy Greenland. No, this was not an article by The Onion. The Danish government was not keen on the idea, basically telling the world that Greenland was not for sale.

MSNBC had a panel on to discuss this issue and it went off track in a great way -- segueing a great suggestion for the Danish government to actually bring Trump into a discussion on climate change.

REINES: People who need the United States, whether it's NATO or just for the sake of structure and stability. And then there are people who benefit from our chaos. This is not the 100-yard dash. Putin does not need to beat Trump... he just needs to trip Trump out of the gate. That's much easier. And as much as we joke about it, that's what we're seeing, the notion of chaos, which Trump thinks helps him domestically and I could probably make an argument that it does, it does not help the United States internationally. He's also aware that internationally Greenland has zero electoral votes and the world has zero electoral votes, so what does he care?

GURA: We'll do a show from there.

MYSTAL: He'll care when it melts.

GURA: He'll care when it melts. Get that in. We're having some fun, here, but make this point.

MYSTAL: It's Mara's point...if you're going to take an interest in Greenland, as we've been saying this is where, this is where the ice is. This is what's melting and if you were going to actually care about something this would be a good time to start caring about what's happening to our oceans and our glaciers, but he doesn't even -- John Cornyn last night was talking about it - "it's just hot, Chuck, it's just hot in the summer" - these people will not engage with the very real threat and crisis of climate change.

GURA: Chuck Schumer tweeted that we had the hottest July on record. And Senator Cornyn said --

REINES: I went to Greenland with Secretary Clinton. She went on behalf of President Obama.

GURA: She wasn't looking for property?

REINES: No, it's got the biggest mailbox for Santa. To meet with other members of the Arctic Council to talk about melting and Soviet aggression in the area because it's easier now for Soviet subs to operate. This is how people take things seriously. If the Danish are smart, they will say "Sir, this is an important topic. Let's talk about the Arctic, let's talk about, let's down the road we can talk about a deal or something or condo."

Could they actually get him interested in a conversation if they broached the idea of building a Trump Hotel on Greenland? Would that be enough to get him to acknowledge climate change?

Probably not. He would just agree with most Republicans that it is hot because it is summer and ice melts and nothing we do can change the weather.

Points and appreciation to Elie Mystal for his allyship to women, here, too. Didn't notice? When Gura told him to make his point, Mystal said, "No, actually, it was MARA'S point." Nicely done, Elie. We see you. (~Aliza Worthington)

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