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Neil Cavuto Mocks Betsy DeVos: 'There Is This Little Thing Called The Coronavirus, Right?'

Trump's Secretary of Education claimed they would withhold federal aid if schools refused to reopen.

Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy Devos joined Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. He mocked her for gushing with enthusiasm while she implored schools to reopen or else face a backlash from Trump.

Trump and his minions are trying to force all schools to reopen regardless of the consequences. And Trump is trying to find financial ways to compel schools to reopen, becuase he feels it will help his reelection campaign, period.

That's also why Dr. Fauci is now on the sidelines.

DeVos kept rambling on about how important it is for kids to get back to school even when we have no real treatments or vaccines for COVID19.

Cavuto said the administration was "doing more than just urging kids to go back to school."

"The president is threatening aid to those that don't, what do you think of that?" he asked.

Betsy pushed a bunch of silly platitudes, that "American investment in our education system is really a promise to students and their families" blah blah.

She said, "And if schools aren't going to reopen again -- (she stammered) that's a - breaking that promise and so why should they receive funds for something they're not going to do?"

See, if schools don't meet their promises then federal-aid promised would not be forthcoming. Punishment will be met with those who defy Trump.

Cavuto replied, "But there are extenuating circumstances right? I mean they don't willy-nilly break a promise and we haven't seen a school system yet that's defied that --"

Devos attempted to interrupt him and he continued.

Cavuto mockingly said, "I mean there was this little thing called the coronavirus, right?"

She brushed off the coronavirus question and attacked a DC school district for being too wealthy and not opening up the way she'd like them to.

She kept reciting Mike Pence's mantra that kids have got to get back to school no matter the consequences.

She then applauded the new coronavirus hot spots of Texas and Florida claiming they have an excellent plan to reopen their schools.

To hell with infections, since children don't suffer as much in their eyes, let's throw them together in classrooms, God will protect them.

Trump hires only Incompetents to run our country.

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