August 6, 2021

No one is saying Andrew Cuomo should not be investigated, tried, and forced to resign concerning what appears to be a disgusting pattern of sexual harassment.

It's just that the downright orgasms on the Right over "getting rid" of Cuomo are the most hypocritical BS displayed this week. Elise Stefanik has lost her damn mind screaming on Twitter about Cuomo, but not a peep over Mister Porn Star Hush Money with twenty-six credible accusations. Nothing about Clarence Thomas. Nothing about Brett "I like beer" Kavanaugh. All those in Republican power get a pass.

And Joy-Ann Reid is done with that.

"Let's be clear," said Reid on Thursday. "If Governor Cuomo had a reasonable conscience, he would resign. But if you're one of those conservatives who's sticking your chest out and calling for his head the same way that y'all acted like Al Franken should have resigned while paying near attention to your backyard, I'm going to need you to stand down since you never used an ounce of energy for any of your folks."

Reid then reads all the receipts for Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and yes, Donald J. Trump.

And she finishes with this 100% true rant:

JOY-ANN REID: None of these holy moly MAGA Trumpers ever spoke a word about any of this. So they're just going to have to forgive me if my response to their demands that Democrats answer for Andrew Cuomo is to tell them to kindly fart off. Let the adults in the room deal with Cuomo. Meaning the New York Attorney General Letitia James. She's got this. If Cuomo gets impeached, he gets impeached. I literally don't care what happens to him. He did a much better job on the pandemic than Trump, even with all of the issues. But then again, who didn't? He was a good crisis manager for what it was worth, though clearly there were many, many issues, including nursing homes. But again, you all worship Donald freaking Trump. You don't get to complain. And if Cuomo doesn't resign, if he decides to just thug it out, you right-wingers can just blame yourselves because he'll just be rolling the way your nasty men roll. The way Jim Jordan is rolling. Despite accusations that he looked the other way as an assistant coach while the coach was allegedly raping wrestlers. Or the way Matt Gaetz is literally on tour like a MAGA celebrity despite allegations that he sexually trafficked a child and gravitated toward teenage girls as sexual partners. Or like creepy-ass madison Cawthorn who reportedly became notorious on his college campus for driving "the feely car." All of these nasty bastards should resign. But they won't. They'll all just do the Trump and stick around afflicting us and dare you to get rid of them. You created that dynamic, conservatives. That's on you. This is the world as you have made it. And don't give me Bill Clinton. He cheated with an adult, and he got impeached for it by men who were shtupping their secretaries. I'm looking at you, Mr. And Mrs. Newton Leroy Gingrich. How was the Vatican, by the way? And I know. You're all about to say, Juanita Broderick. This is her, right?

This country, no, this world is replete with predatory men. They're in politics and TV. Hey, Matt Lauer. And Hollywood and Hip-Hop. There's Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves and Bill O'Reilly and the probably burning in hell Roger Ailes and Russell Simmons and on and on and on. It's a huge problem. But it's one that has grown out of this toxic idea of male entitlement that only one of our two political parties actually embraces. Democrats literally fired Al Franken for a picture and apparent hugging. We are over the top on moral compass on this side. It is you on the Right who voted 60% in Alabama for Judge Roy "banned from Hot Topic" Moore. And voted 6 in 10 for Jeffrey Epstein's rapey bosom buddy Donald Trump. And then made him your king. So that's on you.

I would note that Joy-Ann Reid didn't have time to talk about how long this has been going on in Republican circles. I wrote about this myself TWELVE years ago. Remember David Vitter? John Ensign? Larry Craig? Mark Sanford? All these guys were prayed over by their Republican colleagues, rather than driven out. Both sides don't.

The big exception was Mark Foley because underage alleged victims plus gay was a bridge too far. But we give a big pass to Jim Jordan today because he just let the abuse happen.

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