October 18, 2021

CNN's Manu Raju caught up with Senator Joe Manchin to ask him about criticisms being levied at him by his Democratic colleagues for refusing to negotiate in good faith on President Biden's Build Back Better agenda.

"[Bernie] says you're holding up the Biden agenda," Raju pointed out.

"No, no. There's 52 senators who don't agree, okay," Manchin responded, "And there's two that want to work something out if possible in a most rational reasonable way."

WTF? Are there now 52 Republican Senators in Congress and nobody knew it? Did both seats in Georgia suddenly turn red while we were sleeping?

There are only 2 Senators out of 50 in the Democratic Party that are refusing to let the Biden agenda pass.

Doesn't Manchin understand that if he destroys these two major pieces of legislation he and Kyrsten Sinema will have no power at all when they help lose control of the Senate in 2022? Are they practicing for that time?

A rational way forward would be for Manchin and Sinema to have already negotiated in good faith with Chuck Schumer and President Biden instead of trying to turn the progressive agenda that almost 82 million American voted for into a right-wing Mitch McConnell bill.

Susie already informed us that Manchin wants to do away with all Climate change provisions "as well as turning the child tax credit into a poverty program with a work requirement."

You can't get more Republican than that.


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