January 27, 2022

Tucker Carlson went full white nationalist during his broadcast on Wednesday after it was announced that President Biden would fulfill his campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court.

"I will appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court, that was Biden's promise," Carlson chimed.

The Fox News host then proceeded to denigrate all Black Americans vying for a position to the court.

Carlson absurdly said, "Didn't even say she was a nice person."

Biden didn't nominate anyone, jackass.

Tucker used the same argument whites have been making since affirmative-action began, muddying the phrasing and said, "Imagine if this was happening to you, how would you feel?. You go to law school. you win a clerkship you get a seat on some lower court. One day you're nominated to be one of the top nine judges in the country."

"And you're proud of that," he said.

"But Joe Biden, all Joe Biden can talk about is your skin color."

Righting a wrong based on skin color is like two magnets that repel each other for Carlson and his love of the Aryan way.

Then Carlson went full-on racist.

Biden essentially wants his administration and the court to look "like America," an idea that makes Tucker cringe.

"Of all the lies Joe Biden tells this could be the easiest to check," he smirked. "We have the latest census number and we can promise you with dead certainty that Joe Biden's nominees look nothing like America, not even close."

What does American look like, Tucker?

Carlson believes if a Black female judge is appointed to the high court it will look nothing like America and not represent its people.

That's as much a white supremacist view as any good Nick Fuentes fan can be.

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